Offer services in the field of civil engineering with quality, commitment and socio-environmental responsibility, seeking innovations in order to guarantee the satisfaction, safety and profitability of our customers, employees and shareholders.

Expand our national and international market, becoming a differentiated company recognized for the quality and innovation of our services and the satisfaction of our customers, employees and shareholders.

Ethics . Integrity . Transparency . Leadership . Commitment . Cooperation . Accountability .

Perform engineering services with quality, safety and efficiency, seeking the satisfaction of our customers, the continuous improvement of our services and good results to the organization.

Founded in 1990, Tucumann Engenharia is consolidated in the civil construction market with large-scale works and uses the knowledge accumulated in years of history to develop projects for the most diverse sectors.

With expertise in the areas of large-scale engineering, earthworks, drainage and paving, Tucumann has broadened its area of operation, expanding its activities into the fields of port infrastructure, port logistics management, industrial and energy works.

With great capacity to structure strategic partnerships, Tucumann manages tourist visitation areas through association with important business groups, such as Cataratas do Iguaçu S.A., Caminhos do Paraná S.A, TCP – Paranaguá Container Terminal, TPP – Paracas Port Terminal (PE) and CER (Renewable Energy Company).

The quality of the final delivery to the customer and the alignment with the demands of the market have been constant focuses of Tucumann since its foundation.

During these years of history, we have used our technical and strategic competence to operate with a high level of quality in several sectors essential to society, meeting the needs of our customers with commitment, responsibility and excellence.


Tucumann has an external channel for all employees who act directly or indirectly on behalf of the company to make complaints, reports and/or suggestions.

The Tucumann Integrity Channel was developed by ICTS/Protiviti, an external and reputable company in Compliance risk management, so that the channel acts in an exempt and independent manner, and in compliance with current regulations and best market practices.


Tucumann is constantly investing in the search for new technologies to improve its performance.

We recently updated our internal system, which now integrates all company data and processes in a 100% online environment, which operates in real time and anywhere.

BIM - Building Information Modeling

Through the constant search for innovations, Tucumann has already implemented BIM (Building Information Modeling) modeling in specific works. This methodology manages a set of project information throughout the life cycle, making it clearer to understand the final product.