Tucumann has a third-party-run and independent communication channel where all collaborators – both direct and indirect – can present statements on practices or evidence of practices that violate the principles, values and/or guidelines described in the company’s Ethics and Conduct Policy, or does not comply with current legislation.


Complaints presented in the Integrity Channel will be converted into enquiries and will be processed in an independently manner by the Compliance Officer for an initial evaluation and submitted to final appreciation by the Compliance Committee, in a completely confidential procedure.


Should any irregularity be verified that violates the guidelines contained in the Ethics and Conduct Policy or that represents a legal infringement, a disciplinary administrative procedure will commence.
Should any doubts that the collaborators might have in regards to potential conflicts of interest, the Compliance Officer at Tucumann should be immediately consulted for guidance.


Tucumann guarantees confidentiality of the information received, the absence of any reprisals to whistleblowers and protection of personal information of both the whistleblower and the subject of the complaint.