ICTS Protiviti is a business consulting firm with extensive experience in ICTS risk management, compliance, privacy, internal audit and corporate investigations.

With excellence in the execution of solutions that address the main risks, problems and business challenges, the company acts protecting the values and premises of companies

Following the same premise, Tucumann Engenharia has ICTS as the operator of its reporting channel, which guarantees confidentiality and reliability in all processes.



Tucumann has an independent, third-party communication channel where all direct and indirect employees can report any practices or indications of practices that violate the principles, values and/or guidelines described in the Company’s Conduct and Ethics Policy, as well as current legislation.


Complaints made through the Integrity Channel will be converted into diligence and will be processed independently by the Compliance Officer for initial analysis and final assessment by the Compliance Committee, through a strictly confidential procedure.


If any irregularity is found that violates the guidelines contained in the Conduct and Ethics Policy or that represents a legal infraction, an administrative disciplinary procedure will be initiated.
In the event of any questions that employees may have regarding potential conflicts of interest, the Tucumann Compliance Officer should be consulted immediately for appropriate guidance.


Tucumann guarantees the confidentiality of the information received, the absence of any reprisals for whistleblowers and the protection of the personal data of the whistleblower and the suspected perpetrator.