Version: 01

Last update: 01/03/2021


The Privacy Policy of Tucumann Engenharia de Empreendimentos Ltda. is intended to explain how personal information and data of users may be used by this company.

By entering into transactions with Tucumann of any nature or to obtain information about Tucumann made available electronically, the user agrees to the provisions of this Privacy Policy and authorizes Tucumann staff to process the personal data collected in accordance with current legislation, as well as to document the user’s activity in the virtual domain.

2. Data collected

One of the ways we collect data, especially when contact occurs through a visit to our website, is through cookies, logs, software and other similar technologies.

But what data can possibly be collected? Data is understood as a set of information related to the user that can be anonymized or personal.

Anonymized information is data that does not allow direct and explicit identification of the user, such as gender, age or location. In contrast, personal information is directly linked to the natural person identified as the user and may include data such as name, email address, IP address, and so on.

In general, the data that may be processed in our activities are:

a) Applicants for vacancies

The personal data we collect are those contained in the respective curricula and in the completion of the form available on the website, which are stored internally by our HR area, following all security, use, storage and disposal protocols.

Resumes received will be securely deleted by Tucumann Engineering within 2 years.

The processing of curriculum vitae data has a legal basis in order to carry out procedures prior to the employment contract.

b) Tucumann Engenharia employees

The processing of data of Tucumann Engenharia employees has policies especially aimed at them, disclosed through internal channels.

c) Suppliers

In carrying out our activities, we may engage service providers, contractors and other suppliers.

In the case of registration on our website, to be a future supplier, the following data will be requested: company name, trade name, CNPJ, RG/Ins. State, Ins. Municipal and date of incorporation, as well as name, telephone, email, stie, zip code, full address.

d) Website visitors:

Through the website some data may be collected from visitors who spontaneously fill in the “contact” form for the purpose of communicating with us. These are basic identification data such as “name”, “e-mail”, “address” and “telephone”.

Cookies. When a person visits our website, identifiers, called cookies, are placed on that visitor’s browser or device which tell us about their interaction with the pages and features on our website.

We use cookies (i) necessary and analytical, to improve the visitor experience on our website and enable us to provide a more efficient service; and (ii) from third parties, for advertising.

The visitor can refuse or disable cookies through their browser settings. However, some interactions on our website may not work properly with cookies disabled.


The data collected may be disclosed in specific situations, such as when demanded by any state body or regulatory agency for the eventual fulfillment of legal and regulatory obligations to which the business activity performed by Tucumann and its subsidiaries is subject.

Data sharing may also occur in order to protect the rights of Tucumann Engenharia de Empreendimentos Ltda., its partners or employees, both in the administrative and judicial spheres.

Tucumann does not commercialize, license or transfer the information obtained, regardless of whether it is anonymized or personal, in any way that violates the principles described in Tucumann’s Conduct and Ethics Policy.

This company is authorized to request its users to provide additional information, including to complement data on Know Your Client and to promote the prevention of corruption and money laundering.


All information collected by Tucumann will be stored and disposed of in accordance with the procedures described in the Ethics and Conduct Policy and in accordance with the General Data Protection Law (LawNo. 13,709/2018).

The data obtained will be stored in a secure environment with controlled access. However, as any current system is subject to failures, Tucumann is not responsible for any damage caused by failures or breaches that may lead to the leakage of information, unless it has contributed to it.

If a fraud situation occurs and it is possible to identify users whose information has been misappropriated, users will be promptly notified to take appropriate action.

If the user wishes, it is possible for him/her to formally request the deletion of his/her personal data, provided that such information does not have a specific storage period.


Any user may request clarification on any of the criteria used or procedures mentioned in this Policy or demand more information about the destination of the data obtained.

It is also possible for the user to request the rectification of any of the personal data obtained when it is incomplete, incorrect or outdated, as well as to request the deletion of the data obtained when it receives a destination other than that mentioned in this Policy or in disagreement with the applicable legislation.

To the same extent, it is possible for any user to object to the procedure described in this Policy regarding the processing of the data obtained, especially if they have been obtained without legitimate consent.

In any of the aforementioned cases, the user must submit a request in his/her name, or through a legal representative, to the contact described on the Tucumann website (, emphasizing that Tucumann is authorized to request further information or documents for the purpose of analyzing the claim formulated in the most appropriate manner possible, as required by applicable law.


If the user wishes to make suggestions, ask questions about any of the information provided herein, or exercise any right described herein or provided for in the applicable legislation, it is possible that a direct contact can be made through the website